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The Legal Rules for Buying and Selling a Car in Perth

Posted On May 09 2022
Legal Rules for Buying and Selling a Car in Perth
The car you own has been with you for almost 10 years now. It is obvious that the car is getting old and needs a few upgrades. The car may seem to be in a perfectly good condition, except for a few stains here and there on the seats, some scratch the car acquired in its long run, and an engine that stops and starts as it pleases. But don’t worry – minor issues like these should not be any reason to be worried. However, if you wish to sell your car in Perth, then you should be aware of the laws and rules about the sale of an automobile so that your car selling procedure can be hassle-free and legal. All Australian states have their own official websites, and each of these sites has the appropriate information required before one can sell a car in Perth.

Online Tools That May Help You

The Queensland Government’s website has tools that are meant to help people when they are buying or selling their automobiles. One of these online tools is the website How Safe is Your Car. Many website has a form that takes basic details about your car and you may find out how safe your vehicle is by filling out the form’s essential details. So, the website uses statistics from actual car crashes, and the methods employed are also used by the ANCAP and the USCR. The website has an 80% accuracy rate.

Rules Outlined In The OLD Government Website

Some of the laws put in place by the Queensland Government to make the lawful sale of cars result in a safer driving conditions for people on the road are:
  • A safety certificate for your automobile is essential, and it must be obtained at an authorized inspection station.
  • The car must have fully functional airbags installed.
  • The car must have a completely functional electronic stabilization system is required in the vehicle.
  • Your safety certificate must be clearly visible on the windscreen or window before the sale, except if it is an electronic certificate, such as a PDF.
  • The car must have good-condition seat belts and other restraints.
  • The car must have perfectly functional headlights.

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Buying A Car

Here is a list of things that you should be sure about if you buying a car in Perth:
  • Check whether the car is in your name or not
  • Check if the car is registered or unregistered
  • Make sure the car is not stolen property, or check if it is repossessed property
  • Check if the car has a certificate of inspection or a safety certificate
  • Check if all the payments have been made or not

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